In the modern concept, museums should function for increase and diffusion of knowledge among people. To achieve this goal, they have to engage themselves in activities related to research education, and preservation, which are often defined, as great functional trinity of museums. The Government Museum, Chennai is well aware of this basic fact and acts diligently on these spheres from its inception. This museum started its educational activities as early as 1870 AD by initiating popular lecture programmes under which periodically scholars were invited to deliver lectures on topics of public interest. Soon, other educational programmes such as special training courses on taxidermy and museology for teachers, gallery lectures for students and teachers and publication of monographs and bulletins for the museum exhibits have been introduced. The creation of additional guideposts for the museum in 1960s made it possible to provide Guide Service to the public everyday on prescribed timings. With the creation of the education section in 1970s a full pledged museum section responsible for educational activities came in to existence. The Education Section helps all other sections in matters related to the Museum's educational activities. It arranges monthly popular lectures and special lectures by experts of National and International repute on their visit to Chennai and conducts training programs periodically in collaboration with other sections of the Museum and with outside agencies. The section also furnishes information sought by the public on matters related to museum objects and activities and facilities available in the museum. It also handles the publication & sales of museum books, journals etc.