Memorial Stone and Sati Stone

Memorial Stone and Sati Stone

Memorial Stone

Kambaduru, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. Height 83 cm., Breadth 54 cm. About 10th Century AD.

Memorial stone with the figures of the Chola King and queen who repaired the temple at Kambaduru in Anantapur District carved on it. There is also a carving of the Sivalinga with a Nandi opposite it carved on the top. The sun and the moon are also incised on the slab at the top.

Sati Stone

Penukonda, Andhra Pradesh. Height 133.5 cm., Breadth 53.5 cm. About 10th Century AD.

Sati stone with the carving of a fully decorated hand of a woman who had burnt herself on the funeral pyre of her husband. Here in this upper deck the faithful husband and wife are shown seated. On the other side sun and moon are shown to indicate that their fame will live in this earth as long as the sun and moon exist.